Friday, March 20, 2009

that's my boy

Well, it's been so long since I posted anything, I wonder if anyone's still paying attention. But the other day gave a couple priceless moments with Willow that I had to share.

He and I were traveling to California for my brothers wedding and general family get-together. In addition to his trendy elfen coat purchased in amsterdam, he was wearing this totally ostentatious round brimmed hat, all fuzzy, very pink and purple. The best moment was boarding our second flight of the day. We were in the 31st row, and boarded after almost everyone else. I think every person we passed down the aisle who was paying attention did a double-take. Plenty of amused grins and looks of confusion. I was very proud.

As we sat down for our third and final flight of the day Willow said to me, "there's no chance the same thing could happen in Sacramento that happened in Dulles is there?" "Dulles, what happened in Dulles?" I asked. "Um, or was it Dublin?" he said. "You've been on a lot of trips lately haven't you," I asked with a small. He laughed. After two trips to Europe and several back and forth across the country he's probably one of the most well-traveled 7 yr olds out there.

I love him so much.